There’s Squeezable Cream Cheese on the Market, And We Didn’t Know We Could Be This Excited

There's a new cream cheese in town.

Two bottles of squeezable cream cheese against an orange and yellow backgroundPhoto: Arla Cream Cheese
Photo: Arla Cream Cheese

Gone are the days of waiting for cream cheese to soften. Say “so long” to those awkward attempts at stuffing a block o’ Philadelphia into a measuring cup. Yep, your cream cheese woes are no more. Thanks to Arla Foods out of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, there are two new cream cheeses on the market—and they’re delightfully squeezable. Available in original and strawberry flavors, these products promise to make your cheesecake recipe or bagel routine easier than ever.

But hold on, how did cream cheese get this far?

The Evolution of Cream Cheese

Cream cheese first surfaced in U.S. cookbooks and other publications in the early 1800s, and by mid-century, the spreadable cheese had become quite popular in cities such as Philadelphia and New York. The first commercial cream cheese was made in New York state in 1872 by dairyman William Lawrence, and it has been an American kitchen staple ever since.

Here’s why we’re loving Arla’s modern twist on the old favorite.

1. Easy to Use

Especially if you only need of a small amount, say for your Sunday morning bagel with lox, these tubes of schmear are your best bet because they require no pre-softening.

2. Great for Cooking with Kids

These tubes may well have been designed with kids in mind, since the curve of the bottle makes it easy for smaller hands to help out. The squeezable bottle also lets kids to make fun cream-cheese shapes on their bagels, crackers, and veggie snacks. Who says you can’t play with your food?

3. Made with Simple Ingredients

Arla’s cream cheeses are made with only a few simple (and pronounceable!) ingredients; the strawberry version adds real strawberries and lemon juice for a sweet flavor you’ll love for snacking on or using in desserts. And with no added preservatives or artificial flavors, you can enjoy your favorite easy cheesecake without the guilt.

Ready to try it? Check out Arla’s cream cheeses, here.

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