There’s a New Surprise Inside Each Box of Lucky Charms!

The three new marshmallows in this kid-cereal favorite bring us closer than ever to finding that elusive pot of gold.

Boxes of Lucky Charms cereal lined up on a shelfPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

General Mills just released a brand-new surprise inside each box of Lucky Charms, boosting the spirits of cereal lovers everywhere. Now you can find not one, but three types of marshmallow rainbows mixed in with the moons, stars and hearts, ensuring magical deliciousness with each bite. For kid-cereal fans, one thing’s very clear:

You’re going to need a bigger bowl.

Lucky the Leprechaun (legal name L.C. Leprechaun) has been tantalizing kids with promises of magical happenings and rainbow rewards since the 1964 debut of Lucky Charms cereal. Since then, Lucky has gotten a little older, gained some weight and a new lease on life (Berry Charms! Chocolate Charms! Lucky Charms Oatmeal!).

The marbits have undergone a few changes, too. Committed Charmers have munched on sparkling mirrors, time-controlling hourglasses, teleporting swirl charms and magic carpet-like shooting stars, and these days, red balloons (for quick getaways from pesky kids), purple horseshoes and hats with clovers.

Some final good news for die-hard Charmers: Along with the new rainbows, old-school Lucky is also back in full effect…and so are our cravings for kid cereal. It’s triple rainbow time, y’all.

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