Harry Potter-Inspired Doughnuts Exist, and Here’s Why You’ll Love Them

J.K. Rowling fans will go (dough)nuts over this limited-edition treat

Two golden snitch themed donutsPhoto: Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee

Muggles and doughnut lovers, rejoice! An East Coast doughnut chain, Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee, is making Harry Potter fans’ dreams come true. The shop recently released a limited edition, butterbeer-flavored doughnut inspired by J.K. Rowling’s beloved book series. Best part? Each doughnut comes with an edible golden snitch on top.

A Closer Look at the Most Magical Treat

This isn’t your average homage to Harry Potter. Sugar Shack’s bakers have carefully crafted the flavor of this treat to resemble butterbeer, a creamy butterscotch drink that’s mentioned throughout the novels. They do this by starting with scratch-made vegan dough, then folding in butterscotch flavor that gives it a sweet upgrade worthy of Honeydukes. Got caught craving butterscotch? Try this simple homemade pudding.

After a quick fry, the doughnuts are hand-dipped in butterscotch glaze and dusted with iridescent gold powder. The bakers add golden and delicate star nonpariels. Then the real magic happens. Each doughnut is adorned with a golden snitch composed of a golden-glazed doughnut hole and miniature vanilla wings. Definitely the perfect breakfast (or dessert) for the Ron Weasley in your life.

Making 13,000 candy wings.

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This doughnut chain has been serving up fresh doughnuts and coffee in classic and eccentric flavors since 2013. Each month, Sugar Shack flexes its creativity with limited-edition doughnut flavors like rosemary shortbread bacon, beer can chicken (topped with fried chicken pieces) and pretzel with salted caramel and chocolate.

If you live near one of Sugar Shack’s 12 locations in Virginia, Florida or Washington, D.C., or are feeling up for the drive, you can catch one (or a dozen) of these golden snitch doughnuts during October. Because nearly every witch and wizard on the East Coast wants to get their hands on one, Sugar Shack suggests customers call ahead to check availability, or pre-order their Harry Potter doughnuts to ensure no one misses out on the magic.

If you don’t live near a Sugar Shack location and can’t accio yourself a butterbeer-flavored doughnut, have no fear! We’ve rounded up our most magical Harry Potter-inspired recipes for you to nibble and sip on while you reread the beloved series.

While you’re filling out an order or gazing longingly at Sugar Shack’s Instagram page, don’t forget to check out Sugar Shack’s Facebook page for supply updates on the Harry Potter doughnut, limited edition flavors and chances to get free doughnuts.

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