This Company Is Selling Canned Pickle Juice. Would You Buy It?

Pickle lovers, your world is about to change.

Four pack of cans that are white with gold letterings identifying it as Gordy's Fine Brine for Cocktails

Gordy’s Pickle Jar

If you love pickles so much that you find yourself drinking the juice out of the jar, get excited: The world has created a new product just for you.

It’s called Fine Brine, and it’s a canned pickle juice created by Gordy’s Pickle Jar, a pickle company based in Washington, D.C. On its website, the company describes the product as the “perfect balance of salty, tangy, and sweet” and sells the juice in 12-ounce cans at $16 for a four-pack. (Find Fine Brine online, here.) If Gordy’s sounds familiar, it’s probably because it is famous for its canned Bloody Mary Mix-which, along with a line of high-end pickles, sells at Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Williams-Sonoma stores across the country.

Fine Brine isn’t just basic pickle juice, either. It has a slightly spicy flavor that combines with the acidity of the brine for a tantalizing flavor. The intensity is intended to be paired with cocktails; try it mixed with vodka or add it to your Bloody Mary. You can most certainly make a mocktail, too. (But we wouldn’t judge if you drank it plain!)

But don’t stop at drinks. The built-in acidity and flavor-packed spice profile of this mouth-puckering drink makes it a powerhouse in the kitchen. Use it to add a boost of flavor to gazpacho by adding a splash for a hint of tang. Another idea is adding a tablespoon of pickle juice to recipes for potato salad or even egg salad sandwiches. Out of vinegar? Use Fine Brine as a salty substitute. Bored with your mac ‘n’ cheese? Throw it in for a surprising pucker. Trying to tenderize meat? Use it as a marinade for steak or pork chops. When it comes to using pickle juice in the kitchen, there’s not much you can’t do.

Is all this talk making your mouth water for some pickles? Until you can pick up a can of Fine Brine, you’ll have to settle for our Dill Bloody Marys. It’s the perfect drink for any pickle lover…and not quite as taboo as drinking the juice straight from the jar.

Better yet, learn how to make your own pickle juice here.

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