This Is the Best City in America for Coffee Lovers (It’s Not Seattle!)

Coffee aficionados, get your mugs ready and get ready for a move! Find out which city is the most coffee-friendly.

As many of us drag ourselves out of bed for work in the wee hours of the morning, we often can’t fully function until that first sip of our favorite cup of Joe. Apartment Guide, an apartment finder tool that helps you search thousands of listings across the country, tracked down which cities in America did the best job fueling coffee addicts with their daily caffeine fix.

The City with the Most Coffee Shops per Capita

After a thorough data analysis (and maybe several cups of coffee later), Berkeley, California, home of Peet’s Coffee, ranked first with one coffee business for every 2,073 residents, the most coffee shops per capita than any other city. Here are some other coffee trivia facts we bet you never knew.

The company only looked at cities with populations of more than 100,000 and tallied up the coffee-related businesses and attractions in each city. They categorized coffee-related businesses to include coffee shops, coffee and tea establishments, and cafes. Then the researchers divided each city’s population by the total number of coffee-related business and attractions to get their ratio for coffee shops per capita.

Out for a coffee run? Be sure you’re getting your fix at the right time.

But What About Seattle?

Seattle, Washington, well-known for its coffee and the birthplace of Starbucks, trailed behind in fourth place with one coffee shop for every 2,308 residents. Despite the fact that Seattle has more coffee shops—278 to be exact—than Berkeley, the city has more coffee addicts to serve with a population of nearly 725,000 people. Less than 125,000 people live in Berkeley as of 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  Other cities to make the top five were Vancouver, Washington, San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon. Next, find out 12 mistakes you could be making when you brew at home.

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