Thought You Knew How to Eat a Cupcake? Turns Out, You’re Wrong!

Cupcakes are even more tasty when you use this simple trick.

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OK, hear me out. I can hear you already: “Listen, lady, I’ve been eating cupcakes my entire life. I know how to eat a cupcake.” I get it. Truly I do. I felt the very same way. Who knew cupcake-eating could be so complicated?

So one day I was with some friends at a gathering and one of them did the strangest thing. We were sitting there happily munching away when one friend broke off the bottom of her cupcake and plopped it on top of the frosting! I was floored, seriously. I couldn’t figure out why she was mutilating her dessert. Then I had that Oprah aha moment (silliness over a cupcake, maybe, but I’m serious when it comes to dessert). Suddenly my cupcake-eating days were transformed from frosting-faced messes to decadent cupcake sandwich with frosting goodness in every bite.

Now, of course, I’m making cupcakes at home to share my newfound knowledge. Something tells me that with teenagers around, I won’t have any trouble finding repeat volunteers for testing. This recipe for gooey Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes is up next before I move on to some gorgeous Valentine Cupcakes. I’m not a huge fan of the canned stuff, so I’ll be making a buttercream frosting that doesn’t look all that complicated. I should be able to muster up some courage and give it a try. Besides, it’s mostly just sugar and butter. How could that fail?

Now that I’ve shared my cupcake-eating trick, I think you should give it a try and post a selfie to our Facebook page. Then I’ll know that my mission to teach you the practical way to eat a cupcake has been accomplished. Be sure to add #toh to your photo. No more frosting face! The world will be a happier place now, I’m certain. After all, who could be unhappy eating a cupcake?

Try it out for yourself with these easy cupcake recipes.
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