Yes, Your Toddler Should Be Doing Chores—and This Chart Tells You Exactly Which Ones

Two year olds, for example. should already be helping you set the table for dinner.

“Please” and “thank you” will always be the magic words when it comes to teaching your little one manners, but let’s talk chores. We can all admit that housework tends to pile up throughout the week and having some help would be greatly appreciated. Good news: You can and should be giving your child chores to do that will help you around the house, even if they are only two years old.

What Chores Are Best for Little Kids?

But the question is: What kind of chores are the most age-appropriate for your child? Thankfully, this chart helps break that down for you. Kids on the younger side should be given responsibilities such as putting away their toys and making their bed. While your older kids can handle a little more, such as doing some yard work or helping to make dinner.

Even though your child might still struggle to keep their own face clean throughout the day, they should still be taught the importance of keeping the space around them clean (even though they may not do the best job).

The-Exact-Chores-You-Can-Give-Your-Kids-Depending-on-Their-AgeTatiana Ayazo/

Keep a Chore Chart

Another tip: Make a chore schedule for your kids. This will teach them how to prioritize things. For example, all chores have to be done before they leave for school in the morning or before they are allowed to play with their friends on Saturday. The older your kids get, the more responsibility you can give them in terms of chores. Print out this chart and hang it on your fridge for easy access when it’s time to assign chores. Also, try out these hacks to make chore day a little easier for everyone.


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