These Are the Top Trending Thanksgiving Pies, According to Pinterest

Looking to bake the most popular Thanksgiving pie? Here's what everyone else is searching for this time of year.

Thanksgiving always comes with a set of challenges to face: Who will host the dinner? What’s the best time to travel? And of course, which pie will you bake for dessert? A quick search on Pinterest will show you the plethora of holiday pie recipes to choose from, which can seem daunting when choosing which Thanksgiving pie to whip up for the foodie holiday this year. So instead of choosing a pie recipe at random this year, why not please the rest of your turkey day guests by making the most popular pie in America? Or your state?

The Most Popular Pie Ingredient Nationwide

While pumpkin pie and pecan pie are typically considered to be the best Thanksgiving pies to bake, according to recent Pinterest data, they aren’t the most popular pies for many across the United States. In fact, the most popular searched-for Thanksgiving pie is in fact the good ol’ apple.

In a recent graphic shared by Pinterest, their internal search data between October 2021 and October 2022 found apple to be the most popular Thanksgiving pie choice across the country. Although many states have specific preferences on the type of pie they choose this time of year, it seems Thanksgiving apple pie recipes are the most popular—taking up 36% of searches on this social media platform.

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What Else Are People Searching For?

While apple pie continues to reign as the country’s most popular Thanksgiving pie, there are a few additions to the traditional recipe that Americans tend to search for.

Dutch apple pie recipe” seems to be popular in particular parts of the country, with a 90% search increase in Kentucky and an 80% increase in Nevada and New Hampshire.

Apple pie filling” had a 60% increase in searches in Alaska, and “canning apple pie filling” saw a major search increase in Maine, Michigan and Missouri. And although Minnesota’s favorite Thanksgiving pie is the lemon meringue, the state saw a whopping 210% increase in searches for “canning apple pie filling” year-over-year.

The Most Searched Pie Recipes in Each State

Even though apple pie is the most popular across the country, each state has a particular favorite they love to bake. With a 70% increase in searches for holiday pie recipes, here’s what each state is searching for on Pinterest over this past year.

  • Alabama: Pecan pie cobbler
  • Alaska: Apple pie filling
  • Arizona: Pecan pie recipes
  • Arkansas: Key lime pie recipe
  • California: Berry pie recipe
  • Colorado: Peach pie recipes
  • Connecticut: Apple crumb pie recipe
  • Delaware: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Florida: Pumpkin pie in a cup
  • Georgia: Blueberry pie recipe
  • Hawaii: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Idaho: Peach pie recipes
  • Illinois: Blueberry pie filling
  • Indiana: Sweet potato pie recipes
  • Iowa: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Kansas: Pumpkin pie with real pumpkin
  • Kentucky: Cushaw pie recipe
  • Louisiana: Lemon meringue pie recipe
  • Maine: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Maryland: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Massachusetts: Blueberry pie recipe
  • Michigan: Lemon meringue pie recipe
  • Minnesota: Lemon meringue pie recipe
  • Mississippi: Chocolate pie recipe
  • Missouri: Peach pie recipes
  • Montana: Pumpkin pie filling recipe
  • Nebraska: Pumpkin pie from scratch
  • Nevada: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • New Hampshire: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • New Jersey: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • New Mexico: Pumpkin pie from scratch
  • New York: Classic apple pie recipe
  • North Carolina: Chocolate pie recipe
  • North Dakota: Apple pie filling recipes
  • Ohio: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • Oklahoma: Lemon meringue pie recipes
  • Oregon: Banana cream pie recipes
  • Pennsylvania: Sweet potato pie recipes
  • Rhode Island: Dutch apple pie recipe
  • South Carolina: Lemon meringue pie recipe
  • South Dakota: Apple pie filling
  • Tennessee: Fudge pie recipe
  • Texas: Pecan cream pie recipe
  • Utah: Peach pie recipes
  • Vermont: Apple pie filling recipes
  • Virginia: Cherry pie filling recipes
  • Washington: Sweet potato pie recipes
  • West Virginia: Peanut butter pie no bake
  • Wisconsin: Cherry pie filling recipes
  • Wyoming: Apple pie filling
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