Trader Joe’s Is Selling a Hot Cocoa Snowman That Melts into Perfect Hot Chocolate

Trader Joe's hot cocoa snowmen are almost too cute to drink! Almost.

Hot cocoa is one of the best winter drinks, especially when it’s enjoyed while curled up under a blanket. To make the experience even better, you have to check out the hot cocoa snowmen at Trader Joe’s. Each one actually melts into a cup of rich, sweet hot chocolate.

We have to say, making hot cocoa like this may be just as fun as drinking it!

How Does This Snowman Work?

It’s easy. You simply place the chocolaty snowman in a mug of warm milk, watch him melt, stir and enjoy. According to the Trader Joe’s blog: “He’ll bob and tip, like he’s enjoying a cozy bath…until he starts to melt away.”

Then, as the body of the white chocolate snowman melts, a plethora of mini marshmallows and milk chocolate drops will pop out to add even more creamy flavor to your mug. Just stir and your cocoa is ready to sip.

This internet is already loving the melting snowmen right now, according to Trader Joe’s superfan @TraderJoesObsessed who couldn’t help but share a snap of this adorable little guy on Instagram.

P.S. if you’re looking for something even sweeter to treat yourself with this year, try Trader Joe’s oh, so creamy eggnog liqueur.

Is This a Limited Edition Treat?

Of course! You can only find these drinkable treasures through the holiday season, so be sure to snag one (or a whole bunch) at your Trader Joe’s. Each hot cocoa snowman is only $1.99, so we expect them to go fast.

If TJ’s is sold out, Plan B is instant hot cocoa. See how the most popular hot cocoa brands ranked in our taste test.

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