This New Twix Bar Has Triple the Chocolate!

Twix bars are about to get even better.

Twix has surprised us before, with a sneaky message in its logo. Now, we’ve heard there’s a new Twix candy bar with three times the chocolate! You read that correctly: Three. Times. The. Chocolate.

Here’s why we’re loving the Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar.

So Much Chocolate Goodness

Twix Triple Chocolate has upgraded the candy bar experience by swapping its usual crispy cookie with a chocolate cookie, adding chocolate caramel and topping it off with the classic chocolate coating on the outside.

Twix Triple Chocolate is the newest specialty Twix offering. It joins Twix Dark Chocolate, Twix White Chocolate and the amazing Twix Peanut Butter, which replaces the original Twix caramel with a layer of peanut butter.

The new Twix candy bar isn’t totally new, though. Mars first released its Triple Chocolate Twix in the U.K. in the early 1990s (the British have all the best candy) and they were briefly available in the U.S. in 2010. But we’re happy to have ’em back.

You should be able to find the Twix Triple Chocolate wherever you buy candy bars.

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P.S. There’s a Twix Ice Cream, Too

In early 2019, you’ll also get to enjoy Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bars with creamy chocolate ice cream, caramel and crunchy chocolate cookies, all surrounded by a chocolatey coating. Just another reason to start the countdown to warm weather!

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