Tyson Is Making Instant Pot Kits to Help You Finish Dinner ASAP

Unbox your Instant Pot and give this meal kit a whirl.

If you’re making dinner night after night, it definitely helps to have cheap dinner ideas and time-saving kitchen gadgets. (Hello, Instant Pot!) But it’s also about the prep work.

So. Much. Chopping.

Instead of crying as you chop onions, you can find Instant Pot Kits that have all the ingredients you need to make a full meal.

What’s in the Instant Pot Kits?

You can probably guess that Tyson Instant Pot Kits all feature chicken; boneless skinless chicken thighs, to be exact. They also come with rice and a seasoning packet and are available in three different flavors so far: Hatch Green Chile Chicken Casserole, Cajun Style Chicken and Rice, which has a zesty tomato-based sauce and sweet-soy Teriyaki Chicken and Rice.

For the most part, it seems like you dump the ingredients in your Instant Pot and go. You don’t even have to stir! Then, 20 minutes later, you have a full meal that’s hot and ready to heat.

Where Can I Find the Kits?

Currently, Tyson Instant Pot Kits are available at select retailers, but should roll out to more grocery stores later this year. Keep an eye out!

After you gain some confidence with meal kits, you’ll be ready to move onto more elaborate recipes. Check out the best Instant Pot recipes of 2019, or if your New Year’s resolution was to clean up your diet, we’ve rounded up plenty of healthy Instant Pot recipes.

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