The New Valentine’s Day Oreo Is Here and We’re in LOVE

The smart cookies at Oreo did it again. Here's your first look at the all-new Valentine's Day flavor!

Valentine’s Day belongs to Oreo! The wizards behind our favorite sandwich cookie just dropped a rosy limited-edition flavor called “Love, Oreo.” Even if you prefer the classic filling, no one can deny that it’s the sweetest sandwich cookie yet.

These Cookies Have Us Turning Pink

Valentine’s Day means pink everything, and Oreo is no exception to the rule. We still get the classic chocolate cookies on the outside, but the creme filling looks (and tastes) a little different. The new flavor is a “sweet and tangy” strawberry. Yum! We imagine that’s what Valentine’s Day is supposed to taste like.

We love Oreos as much as you do! Here are some recipes to satisfy your cookie cravings.

We’re Blushing at the Adorable Messages

The “Love, Oreo” packaging is pretty sweet too, including a handful of love-themed stickers. Milk’s Favorite Cookie took a page out of the Sweethearts book this year and scrawled clever messages on the cookies that say things like “Dear Cupid Send Oreos,” “Let’s Twist” and “Dunk in Love.” Not all of the cookies in the package have phrases on them, some have little heart designs instead. Aw!

Fall in love with our favorite heart-shaped cookie recipes, too.

Get Some Before They’re Gone!

The limited-edition “Love, Oreo” packages are already in stores for the year, so we recommend going in ASAP to grab a pack before they’re gone for good. Your local Walmart and Target should have them in stock for about $2.99. If you’re looking to order online and munch them in bed this Valentine’s Day, Target will ship them right to your door.

Each package comes with 20 cookies, so you and your sweetheart can indulge on the day of love. Or you can eat them all yourself. (We won’t tell.)

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