Walmart Is Selling Color-Changing Cups for Less Than $6 Right Now

The Walmart color-changing cups are sure to sell out fast!

Color-changing cups are back at Walmart—and this time, you can pick up a set in both hot and cold styles. Since the Starbucks color-changing cups seem to sell out faster every season, heading over to Walmart seems like the next best option. Especially if you plan to use them to create your own custom cold cups.

What Colors Are Available?

Over on Instagram, @walmartgems shared photos of the cups and tumblers in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Walmart has your bases covered with color-changing tumblers for your cold drinks and color-changing cups for your hot drinks (no, they aren’t interchangeable).

The hues include a purple, pink, mint green and orange. The patterned cups feature color-changing base colors with geometric designs, animal prints and clever sayings like “But first, coffee.” Of course, the magic is that each of these cups and tumblers change colors when filled with a hot or cold beverage!

Even Costco is selling color-changing cups right now.

How Much Do They Cost?

The hot and cold color-changing styles are sold in four-packs with to-go lids. The tumblers for cold drinks also come with four straws. Each pack costs $5.79 at Walmart, so we’ll totally be buying both packs. It’s advance planning: hot cups for our favorite winter-weather drinks and cold tumblers for refreshing summer drinks.

The cups sold out super fast the last time Walmart carried them, so be sure to grab a pack—or two—when you see them in stores. The cups aren’t online yet, but we expect them to be in stores.

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