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How I Meal Plan for A Family of Four Using Walmart’s Pickup and Delivery Service

As the meal planner for a family of four, I’m responsible for figuring out 98 meals and snacks every single week.


Yep, meal planning can feel like a lot. (Especially if you have picky eaters in the house.) But the job is so much easier with Walmart pickup and delivery.

The free pickup service* (and the super-convenient Walmart app you use to access it) has saved me countless hours. That’s because I no longer wander the aisles, wait in checkout lines and load a seemingly endless stream of groceries into my car. Here’s exactly how Walmart pickup and delivery lightens my meal-planning load.

I’m Type A, so I usually start meal planning several days before my pickup. I first choose which recipes from Taste of Home to tackle in the coming week. Once I have my list, I open the Walmart app and add all the ingredients I’ll need.

A super cool hack for Taste of Home meals is scrolling to the end of the recipe’s ingredient list online. That’s where you’ll find a blue button marked “Buy Ingredients.” You just click it and it instantly adds all your items to your cart in the Walmart app. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

After my recipe ingredients are on the list, I add all the staples my family needs each week. For us, this includes eggs, cereal, my husband’s favorite tea, four types of milk (yes, four), and bananas.

An easy way to remember these essentials is to save them under the “My Items” section. This roundup of favorites is a lifesaver for my tired mom brain.

In the days leading up to placing my order, I’m constantly inventorying our food supplies. As soon as something is out (or close to running out), I add it to my cart. A few taps on my phone is so much easier than remembering to add an item to a piece of paper buried somewhere in my purse.

Walm 21 0400Courtesy Walmart

My family is on a health kick, so there’s always a lot of fresh produce, poultry and fish in my cart. I’m pretty picky about quality and freshness, so I initially had some reservations about not choosing my own fruit, vegetables and meat cuts.

Fortunately, that’s not an issue with Walmart pickup and delivery. That’s because Walmart trains its associates to pick only the best items at peak freshness. Walmart also offers a freshness guarantee—if an item’s not up to par, return it for a full refund.

Once my list is finally (finally!) complete, I schedule my pickup. I usually choose the Walmart down the street from my house. But sometimes I opt for the location across town if I’m running errands over there. That’s the great thing about Walmart—there are so many locations.

Walm 21 0083 1356Courtesy Walmart

Walmart also wins convenience points for its 15-hour pickup time. That means you can schedule your one-hour pickup slot first thing in the morning, during a lunch break, or after everyone’s in bed. (Tip: The app also lets you know which times are “less busy” so you can get in and out ASAP.)

I almost always remember something else we need as soon as I place an order. But that’s no problem because I can add the forgotten item to that week’s order until the actual pickup day. In fact, edits can be made to your cart up to four hours before the pickup time slot.

Once my order is shopped and ready for pickup, I receive a notification via email. But sometimes I first get a head’s up about substitutions for out of stock items. The replacements are usually fine by me—and they aren’t, I have the option to pass on them in the app. (Tip: You can mark which items you’re okay getting subs for before you check out.)

The final step is to “check in” via the app. This gives the associates a head’s up that I’m on my way.

Once I roll in, a friendly face typically greets me within a minute or two of arriving at the designated pickup area. They confirm the order, ask where I want the goods, and load them into the trunk of my mom-mobile. And just like that, my grocery shopping is complete.

With a wide selection of high-quality food at great prices, Walmart Grocery was already my go-to store. Now, with the no-fee pickup service, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. And since the holiday season is so busy, I know it’s going to make things a lot easier. Try it out for yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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*$35 minimum order requirement; restrictions apply

  • Amanda Austin