Walmart Will Soon Offer Grocery Delivery

Does your local Walmart offer it? Here’s how to find out.


Taking advantage of those cheap prices at Walmart just got way easier thanks to a recent company announcement. On Wednesday, Mar. 14, Walmart announced they will be offering a grocery delivery service across the United States. Over 800 stores will be taking part, which will be able to reach 40 percent of American households.

In order to have your groceries delivered, there’s a flat fee of $9.95 with a $30 minimum. This service offers same-day delivery in as little as three hours and will be expanding from six metro areas to 100. Walmart will actually be partnering with Uber, as well as other delivery companies, to transport the groceries to customers.

Curious if your local Walmart offers grocery delivery? You can find out by simply going to Walmart’s grocery page (or mobile app) and typing in your ZIP code. The site will let you know if there are any Walmart locations near you offering delivery service. If they aren’t quite yet, you may still be able to place an order for pickup at your nearest store.

Although there are other companies that offer grocery delivery services (like Instacart, Peapod and Fresh Direct), it’s worth considering Walmart’s delivery service over others. Why? Well, the prices! Even though Walmart charges a delivery fee, it probably won’t even come close to the amount those other brands up are upcharging for every item. By working through the brand itself, you no longer have to pay a small fee per grocery item in order to have it delivered. Simply enjoy the low prices that Walmart has to offer!

Yes, having groceries delivered to your doorstep does put more hours in your week. However, with so many grocery store delivery services popping up, could this mean the extinction of grocery stores? We hope not, because we certainly do love roaming those isles and finding all of the deals. Speaking of deals; we have 20 shopping perks from America’s top grocery stores that you are going to absolutely love.

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