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Smart Ways to Shop for Your Holiday Cookie Exchange With Walmart Pickup and Delivery

While other people look forward to holiday shopping and putting up decorations, my favorite part of the season is baking. There are so many great recipes out there—from ornately decorated sugar cookies and gingerbread men to pumpkin and pecan pies.


Given my love for holiday baking, it’s no surprise that I eagerly participate in cookie exchanges starting as early as November. This year one snuck up on me during a busy week at work. I had a jam-packed schedule and was worried I wouldn’t have time to shop for the supplies I needed between all my meetings and deadlines. Just when I was starting to think I might have to opt out of the exchange, I remembered that Walmart has a pickup and delivery service, and it ended up saving the day!

A few days before the cookie exchange, I had a dentist appointment just a mile down the road from my local Walmart Supercenter. I had to get back to work after my appointment, so there wasn’t time for a full shopping trip, but I could pop by the parking lot to pick up an order. I wasn’t sure if they would have the supplies I needed; my plan was to make spritz cookies, but my cookie press broke the year before. However, using the Walmart app, I was able to easily browse items available for pickup (there’s a filter right at the top of the screen).

To my delight, they had a Wilton Cookie Press, complete with 12 fun cookie shapes, that would work perfectly. I added it to my cart, along with flour, sugar, sliced almonds, almond extract, chocolate chips, and a container with several colors of sprinkles that would be perfect for decorating.

If you’re making a Taste of Home recipe, you can actually add all the necessary ingredients to your Walmart cart with one click. Just hit the “Buy Ingredients” button underneath the ingredient list.

I hadn’t been able to go grocery shopping yet that week, so I also added a few other essentials to my Walmart cart, including bananas, peanut butter, and my favorite gingersnaps. I usually hesitate to buy produce when I’m not able to pick it myself—I’ve had bad experiences with other delivery services — but I know I’ll get the freshest, best produce from Walmart, since their shoppers are specially trained to have the highest standards. Plus, they offer a freshness guarantee that makes it easy to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the quality.

From there, it was just a matter of paying for my items and selecting a time for pickup. My dentist appointment was at 11:45, so I chose a 12-1pm time slot. I was impressed to find that you can pick a one-hour slot anytime between 8am and 8pm, and none of the options were full, even though I was ordering the day before.

Later that night, I used up the last of my vanilla extract making a small batch of chocolate chip cookies (it has been a long week!), and I was actually able to go into the Walmart app and add a jar to my order. When you use the pickup or delivery service, you’re able to add or remove items, increase or decrease quantities, and even reschedule your time slot for up to four hours before pickup.

You also have the option to allow or disallow substitutions—essentially, if any items are unavailable on the day your order is packed, they’ll provide a similar product. If it’s an expensive item or something where features are very important, Walmart will contact you by phone to describe alternatives and get approval before substituting it.

Wmt 21 0058 0110Courtesy Walmart

After my dentist appointment, I used the Walmart app to “check in,” letting them know I was on my way to pick up my order. I pulled into the designated pickup area, which had plenty of available spaces, and let them know which parking spot I was in. Within a few minutes, an associate came out with my bags. He loaded them into my trunk for me, and I was able to head back home to continue my work day.

Holiday Cookies 5Courtesy Camryn Rabideau

With the ingredients I got from Walmart, I whipped up a batch of my favorite almond spritz cookies and decorated them with a chocolate coating and holiday-colored sprinkles. Not to brag, but they were definitely hot commodities at the cookie exchange, and I plan to use Walmart’s pickup and delivery option more often, especially during the holidays. It’s ideal when you’re in a time crunch, but just as convenient for everyday shopping, too.

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  • Camryn Rabideau