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I Planned a Dinner Party in Just Five Hours Using Walmart Pickup and Delivery Service… And This is What Happened

I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping, but these days I’ve been especially strapped for time. So when I found myself with a spare afternoon, I decided to make up for lost time and host an impromptu dinner party. Turning to Walmart’s delivery and free pickup was a no-brainer time saver.

Admittedly, I’ve been stuck in a rut with my meal routine. So, I perused Taste of Home for ideas and I’m so glad I did. I discovered its Shortcut Tres Leches cake and decided it struck the perfect note for a dinner party and seemed very do-able.

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I also settled on roasted pork shoulder, slathered with a bracing chile and lime-licked spice paste, marinated overnight and cooked slow and low until its russet-hued goodness wafted through the house. This was served alongside a pot of inky black beans, fluffy rice and pique, a bright, fiery vinegar-based condiment that brought the flavors to life.

I was confident in choosing such ambitious recipes. I knew I would get the best quality ingredients because Walmart has expert meat and produce pickers, and a freshness guarantee—if I found any unsatisfactory items, I could contact Walmart for a full refund.

It’s worth noting: When you use Taste of Home recipes, you can add all the necessary ingredients to your Walmart cart with one click. Just hit the “Buy Ingredients” button underneath the ingredients list on the recipe page.

Even after I placed my order, I was still able to sneak back on to the app and add a few more things. Edits can be made to your cart up to four hours before the pickup time slot. Walmart’s pickup and delivery service is easy like that.


I remembered that by using the app I didn’t just have access to groceries, but could also buy all kinds of household items. So while I was at it, I added a few things to my cart to set the dinner-party mood: tea candles, heavyweight plastic plates, festive napkins and tequila for cilantro-jalapeno margaritas.

My favorite part about the experience? I got everything all at once—and because there are so many Walmart stores, finding a convenient pickup time was a snap. There were plenty of available slots. Gone are the days of multiple stops at multiple stores.

The morning of my pickup, I got a notification from the app about substitutions—just swapping out a brand of resealable bags and whole heads of garlic for the ones I requested pre-peeled. No big deal.

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From start to finish, I loved how seamless the whole process was, including pickup. When you get notified that your pickup is ready, you just check in to the app, park in a numbered spot, and use the app to identify your parking space and select the color of your car. Within minutes, an associate hauls out your order and packs it in the trunk. The hardest part, really, is unpacking the groceries and putting them away.

I can’t say enough about the effortless convenience of Walmart’s pickup and delivery service. It’s stress-free, simple to use and time-saving beyond belief. It’s definitely something I’d use this holiday season — especially for a last-minute get-together.

As for my dinner party, it went off without a hitch. Everyone raved, from the tender pork shoulder to the milky, strawberry-topped finale with leftovers to spare. Did I swing it all within five hours like I planned? I sure did, and even had 30 minutes to decompress before my guests arrived.

Grocery shopping can be easy and fun for you, too. All you have to do is give Walmart’s free grocery pickup and delivery a try.

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*$35 minimum. Restrictions and delivery fees apply.

  • Jennifer Olvera