Watch Us Make: Baked Spaghetti

Nothing beats the first bite of a freshly baked bed of pasta-especially when that pasta is filled with layers of melted cheese. Follow along with this quick video to learn how to make this crowd-pleasing dish.

Big props to Louise Miller. Who’s that? She’s the genius home cook who sent us this recipe for Favorite Baked Spaghetti that’ll change pasta night at your house forever.

Louise’s smart recipe leaves room for you to make it your own and add the ingredients your family loves-roasted red peppers, mushrooms, pepperoncini rings, and if you’re feeling sassy, even anchovies. If you like things saucy, stir in some more. If you can’t get enough cheese, sprinkle away (but did we mention this casserole already has three varieties?).

Layer upon layer of gooey cheese, savory ground beef and saucy spaghetti make this the kind of dinner you think about all day. Lucky for you, with a little morning prep, all you have to do is pop it in the oven when you get home-that gives you plenty of time to fix dessert and do a victory dance. And once they dig into this bubbly bake, your family’s gonna be singing your praises between bites. (Just roll with it. We won’t tell Louise.)