Watch Us Make: Breakfast Biscuit Cups

All your favorite breakfast flavors are baked into this flaky biscuit cup.

Breakfast in my house is almost always done on the run. I’m constantly in need of quick meals that’ll be easy to take out the door. That’s why I love these Breakfast Biscuit Cups. They pack all the flavor of a full breakfast without any of the hassle. Think hash browns, eggs, sausage and gooey cheese folded inside a flaky biscuit dough. Bake ’em up on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll be good to go the whole week through.

The recipe is baked in muffin tin, so you’ll end up with a big batch of these golden goodies. If you’re not planning to gobble them down right away, the cups are easy to store in the freezer for later. You’ll only need a few minutes to heat up the cups for a speedy breakfast or after-school snack.

Customizing them for your personal taste is a breeze. Try adding a little chopped onion, fresh garlic or drizzle of maple syrup in the mix. There are infinite ways to make these savory muffins-just be sure to share your recipe with us when you’re done!

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