Watch Us Make: Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Our quick video shows you how to turn two favorite comfort foods into one brilliant dish.

One of our new favorite recipes dishes up major chicken wing flavor in a convenient 13×9 casserole dish. Kitchen wizard Melissa Millwood of Lyman, South Carolina created this contest-winning Buffalo Chicken Lasagna recipe to satisfy her daughter’s love for Buffalo wings in a more nourishing way than a dip.

Imagine the cheesy layers of a classic Italian lasagna, but with totally new flavors. Ground chicken makes a base, wing sauce lends a spicy kick and blue cheese enriches a ricotta-mozzarella-cheddar mixture. The addition of crunchy celery breaks up the creaminess.

The casserole is a showstopper at weeknight dinners or potlucks (have you ever heard of a more appropriate game day dish?). Like the rest of our favorite comfort food mash-up meals, this layered lasagna is destined to become an extra-fun addition to your dinnertime rotation.