Watch Us Make: Flavored Butters

Turn plain butter into a flavorful spread, perfect for corn on the cob season.

It’s no secret we home cooks love our butter. It tastes heavenly, whether slathered on a piece of toast, tossed with noodles, or globbed onto corn on the cob. Our California-Style Butter takes the already delicious ingredient up a notch.

Created by the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, the recipe may taste gourmet, but it’s easy to make. Start off with a stick of butter, softened. Chop up a few ingredients, like minced olives and fresh rosemary, whose sharp, aromatic flavors cut through the creamy butter. Blend the two together. The result? A bright, creamy topping that’s almost as versatile as plain butter, and a lot more flavorful.

Once you learn the basic method, you can make all kinds of flavored butters. Find four of our favorites here.

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