Watch Us Make: Cauliflower Soup

Rethink the way you do dinner with this cozy + quick cauliflower soup recipe.

It’s not often that cauliflower gets to take center stage. But when it does, you’ll ask yourself why it isn’t the star of every meal. That holds most true for our recipe for Cauliflower Soup.

A whole head of cauliflower makes its way into the soup, along with a generous portion of melted cheddar cheese. Pieces of carrot and celery add earthy undertones. And a decadently rich white sauce binds it all together. The ingredients simmer for just under 30 minutes, making it do-able for a weeknight supper. Home cook and recipe creator Debbie Ohlhausen remarks, “[it’s] sure to warm you up on the chilliest nights.” We agree. There’s nothing more comforting than bringing a pot of this out on the table for a winter treat. For extra heat, garnish the soup with a drizzle or hot sauce or sliced jalapeno. The creamy soup can take a lot of heat.

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