Watch Us Make: Cheese & Herb Potato Fans

Our quick video shows you a showstopping way to make baked potatoes a whole lot more fun.

There are few side dishes more satisfying than a trusty baked potato, all hearty, steamy and-preferably-loaded up with herbs and cheese. There’s just no messing with a classic, except, that is, if you want to give it a more stunning presentation. That’s where these fun and fancy-looking Cheese & Herb Potato Fans come in to play-they take baked potatoes up a notch.

The recipe comes from Susan Curry of West Hills, California, and when she says they’re downright fun to make and serve to guests, we couldn’t agree more. The thinly sliced potatoes ensure the melted butter, two types of cheese and fresh herbs are able to fall into every nook and cranny, giving you big flavor in every bite. Plus, they just look beautiful on a plate, making them perfect for busy weeknight dinners and for special holidays and dinner guests, too.

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