Watch Us Make: Cheesy Pizza Rolls

Bake up the chewy, cheesy, golden-brown pizza rolls of your dreams.

We love pizza flavors in any form. Whether it’s folded into a pillowy calzone, baked into saucy pasta, or coiled up into irresistible, chewy pinwheels like these Cheesy Pizza Rolls. The recipe comes from Dorothy Smith of El Dorado, Arkansas, and she says her family can’t get enough of them. And after taking a look at its easy-to-make recipe, you’ll definitely see why they’re such a hit.

These fun rolls use convenient ingredients like frozen pizza dough, jarred pasta sauce and your favorite pizza toppings. We love spicy Italian sausage and pepperoni, but go nuts with crafting your own flavors by adding mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, even pineapple if that’s your thing! They’re as easy to customize as they are to make. Just roll up your ingredients in the dough, pop the rolls in a cast iron skillet, and let them get gooey, chewy, and golden brown as they bake. Serve with a side salad or garlic bread, and these fun pizza rolls become an instant dinner classic, just like the rest of our favorite pizza-flavored recipes.