Watch Us Make: Cherry Bars

You're just a few simple steps away from these sweet, little cherry bars with big, bright taste.

With their pretty crimson color and sweet drizzle, these lovely Cherry Bars are a perfect fit for any dessert table. Bring them to them at family reunions, tailgates or holiday parties and cherry pie lovers will be thanking you again and again.

They’ve got a hint of almond-y goodness that complements the pucker you get from its cherry pie filling. Plus, the sugary glaze drizzled on top gives the bars a sweet boost with an extra pop of pretty. We love ’em as-is, but feel free to mix it up with other favorite pie fillings, like blueberry, raspberry or even lemon curd! The recipe makes 60 bars, making them perfect to wrap up for a bake sale-just like the rest of these 57 recipes for bake sale favorites. Or just pack them up and take along to any old potluck-just be ready for the flood of compliments coming your way!