Watch Us Make: Chili Corn Bread Salad

This loaded-up salad is a potluck superstar. Watch our quick video to see how it's made.

When it comes to the ultimate recipe to tote along to potlucks, you can’t get much better than this loaded-up Chili Corn Bread Salad. Take it to a family reunion, backyard barbecue, church supper or birthday party, and there’s no doubt people will line up for the recipe. Take it from Kelly Newsom of Jenks, Oklahoma, who got the recipe from a co-worker and decided to share the love. “Now I make it for get-togethers and supply copies of the recipe,” she says. “I never have any leftover salad or recipes.”

This contest-winning salad is loaded with fresh-baked cornbread, chili peppers, bacon, cheddar cheese, corn, pinto beans and a creamy ranch-dressing base. It’s absolutely awesome on the side of anything barbecued, but it also works as a dip, too. Scoop it up with corn chips and you may have just met your new favorite snack! Just be prepared, after one bite of this colorful, flavor-packed salad, you’ll be asked to bring it back again and again. But if you ever feel like switching it up, these favorite make-ahead salads are tried-and-true potluck superstars in their own right.