Watch Us Make: Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight

What do layers of cookie dough, chocolate pudding and whipped cream cheese topping make? An irresistible chocolate chip cookie dessert.

Store-bought cookie dough is probably one of my favorite shortcut ingredients. Aside from getting perfectly-portioned cookies on the table quick, pre-made cookie dough makes an excellent base for desserts. My favorite? This Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight.

Its called a “delight” because it has four dreamy layers of sweet-tooth-tantalizing ingredients. The bottom layer is a giant 13×9 cookie. (And we’re not done yet.) Next up? A mix of cream cheese and whipped cream, which makes a creamy, tangy, cool filling. Finally, another layer of indulgent chocolate. This comes in the form of another awesome shortcut ingredient: instant chocolate pudding.

Want to gild the lily? Sprinkle some chopped almonds and another layer of whipped cream on top.

The dessert is left to firm up overnight, so it’s a great make-ahead dessert before a party. It’s big enough to feed a crowd, too, so bring it along to your next potluck.

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