Watch Us Make: Egg Roll Noodle Bowl

Learn how to make this fresh and flavorful dish, inspired by our favorite Chinese takeout.

This Egg Roll Noodle Bowl brings the satisfying taste of Chinese takeout straight to your kitchen. The recipe came to us from Courtney Stultz of Weir, Kansas. She calls the dish a “deconstructed version” of her favorite Asian egg rolls. It uses all the bright ingredients of the much-loved appetizer, like ground pork, ginger, carrots and cabbage. But, instead of a crunchy wrapper, the ingredients rest on a bed of egg noodles. This means there’s no need to fuss with frying or rolling, as in traditional egg roll recipes.

The bowls can be whipped up on the stove top in about 30 minutes. (Quicker than delivery!) Bonus? The leftovers work well as next-day lunch.

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