Watch Us Make: Fluffy Bunny Pancakes

Hop to the kitchen to make these super adorable Fluffy Bunny Pancakes that make spring mornings extra special.

We love getting creative in the kitchen, especially when our favorite foods get a super-cute update that make them even more impossible to resist. These Fluffy Bunny Pancakes are as adorable as they are easy to make, and they’re guaranteed to create big smiles on spring mornings.

You can make these light and fluffy pancakes from scratch, or-if you really need to hop to it-use your favorite pancake mix. Just make the batter and create a large circular pancake for the bunny’s body, a smaller circle for its head, two triangular pancakes for the ears, and two oval-shaped pancakes for its little bunny feet. Simply arrange to make the bunny’s shape, then make a fluffy tail out of coconut-topped whipped cream and feet from slices bananas and chocolate chips. The result is a sweet-as-can-be way to start your day and a photo-worthy way to make kids (of all ages!) feel happy.

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