Watch Us Make: Jalapeno Popper Spread

Watch our quick video to see how to turn an all-time favorite appetizer into irresistible jalapeno popper spread.

What’s not to love about jalapeno poppers? They’re cheesy, creamy, and have that perfect hint of spice that keeps you going back for more. Thanks to Ariane McAlpine of Penticton, British Columbia, all that classic flavor gets a fun twist in her potluck-favorite Jalapeno Popper Spread recipe.

This dish is a surefire way to win over guests on game day, at picnics, parties…and pretty much anywhere else you take it. It’s got a trifecta cheesy goodness with Monterey Jack, Parmesan and cream cheese, which can only be matched with a kick of spice from diced jalapenos and green chilies. For the finishing touch, it’s topped with a bit of crunchy goodness, courtesy of Japanese panko bread crumbs.

It tastes just like classic jalapeno poppers, but takes only 10 minutes of prep time. Now that’s something to cheer about! Try it with different dunkers like sliced red or yellow peppers, corn chips, tortilla chips or toasted baguette slices-you really can’t go wrong. This spread scores major points with party goers everywhere, just like the rest of our 25 Favorite Dips for a Crowd. Check ’em out, whip ’em up and you’ll be every get-together’s MVP.