Watch Us Make: Peanut Butter Pudding Dessert

This creamy dessert takes your peanut butter-chocolate obsession to a whole new level.

Move aside jelly. Peanut butter has a new best friend: chocolate. This cool and creamy Peanut Butter Pudding Dessert is a delicious example of why the two just belong together. The recipe comes from Barbara Schindler of Napoleon, Ohio, and it definitely was made for fans of the decadent combination. The rich dessert has a crisp, nutty crust. It’s topped with creamy peanut buttery goodness, chocolaty pudding and fluffy whipped topping for a sweet treat that gets better by the layer. Plus, it uses convenient ingredients like frozen whipped topping, jarred peanut butter and pudding mix.

The dessert is practically designed for potlucks. It’s layered up in a 13×9 pan, so it’s convenient to make-and-take. Freeze for half an hour before you leave for your shindig, and it’ll stay cool and perfect for slicing when you get to the party. Just make sure you get yourself a slice quickly-this one gets devoured in a flash! And if this recipe doesn’t satisfy your peanut-butter lover’s heart, try any of these perfect peanut buttery recipes that range from breakfast to dessert.