Watch Us Make: Peanutty Asian Lettuce Wraps

Our quick video shows you the easy steps to make zingy, healthy Asian lettuce wraps in just 30 little minutes.

Finding the right balance between healthy and delicious can be hard. But these Peanutty Asian Lettuce Wraps make eating light a whole lot easier-and a ton more flavorful, too. Mandy Rivers of Lexington, South Carolina, is the mastermind behind these pretty wraps. They’ve become a staple in her entertaining recipe rotation. “This recipe packs so much flavor into a beautiful, healthy presentation,” she says. “I love to serve it as an hors d’oeuvre or as the main dish when I have folks over.”

You get two whole wraps for just over 300 calories, and they’re loaded with wholesome, delicious ingredients like lean ground turkey, carrots, snow peas, ginger, garlic and green onion. They all get cooked in a zingy sauce of teriyaki, hoisin and peanut butter. The combination is so packed with bold flavor, it’s easy to forget it won’t wreck your diet. Plus, the recipe is easy to customize (try it with pork or chicken!)

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