Watch Us Make: Peeps Sunflower Cake

Our quick video shows you how this simple, sunny cake comes together in just minutes-really!

This Peeps Sunflower Cake may look wow-worthy, but you don’t need to be a professional cake decorator to pull off its impressive presentation. All you need is cake mix, frosting, chocolate chips and-of course-yellow chick Peeps candies and you’re all set to make a stunning sunflower cake. It’s a showstopper that’s perfect for Easter or brightening up any spring day.

Bethany Eledge of Cleveland, Tennessee, is the mastermind behind this cute-as-can-be cake. She was inspired to turn one of her favorite flowers into dessert. “The yellow Peeps make eye-catching flower petals, and I carefully placed chocolate chips in a circular pattern to resemble the seeds in the middle of a sunflower,” she explains. “This cake is easy, but looks quite impressive.” And she’s right! After baking the cake, it takes just minutes to frost the layers and arrange the chocolate chips and Peeps to create a big, beautiful sunflower.

Don’t be surprised if it’s requested for Easter year after year, but if you feel the need to switch it up, check out some of our other favorite Easter cake recipes that are guaranteed smile-makers.