Watch Us Make: Quick and Easy Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Bake

Skip the drive-thru and enjoy this juicy American classic straight from your own oven. Watch this short video to learn how to make these addictive pull-apart bacon cheeseburger sliders.

Bacon cheeseburgers: always amazing party food. But who’s going to head up the grill while the good times are just getting started? Enter these easy, awesome sliders with huge burger flavor but baked in a 13×9-inch pan.

Taste of Home lead test cook Nick Iverson came up with this ridiculously simple, absolutely addictive Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Bake recipe that whips up 24 mini burgers in just a few easy steps. These one-pan pull-apart sliders are cheesy, smoky, a little sweet and perfectly portioned for party time (we’re thinking tailgating just got a whole lot more delicious). Let’s count it as a big win for those of us who like to stack our potluck plates with a burger and a side of chips…and guac, and wings, and pasta salad, and cookies, and…