Why Eating Soup Out of a Bread Bowl Is Always a Good Idea (Hint: Easy Clean Up!)

These 5-ingredient bread bowls are a breeze to make. Try out this recipe as a creative way to harbor a hearty soup, salad or savory dip.

Making a bread bowl from scratch might sound a little complicated, but with home baker Rachel Heidenreich’s recipe it’s actually quick ‘n’ easy.

The recipe only calls for five ingredients (psst…one of which is water!). Kneading, proofing and baking the dough takes about an hour, which leaves you plenty of time to conjure up delicious fillings.

Heidenreich recommends serving creamy soups inside the edible bowls as an easy way to wow at a dinner party (or best-ever family supper). But we wouldn’t stop there: Try filling your bowls with creamy buffalo chicken dip, scrambled eggs with bacon or a creamy chopped salad. The bread makes both plate and dipper.

This recipe even cut down on cleanup-since guests will eat their bowl when they’re through. Now, if only we could get started on making plates, forks and napkins out of bread, too!

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