Watch Us Make: Rhubarb Custard Bars

We dare you to eat just one of these rich, gooey rhubarb bars.

When springtime comes ’round, there’s one ingredient that I’m racing for: rhubarb. When I get a glimpse of those pretty pink stalks, my mind rushes to all the great rhubarb recipes I can make. Rhubarb and strawberry pies, rhubarb jelly, even rhubarb mojitos! However, there’s one simple recipe that’ll always get top marks in my book: these Rhubarb Custard Bars.

The bars are pretty much everything you’d want in a dessert (or, ahem, a breakfast). They’re made with three layers, each offering a unique texture and flavor. A crumbly, shortbread crust; a custard-y batter laced with rhubarb and cream; and a layer of cream cheese frosting. It’s a dessert you’ll dream about all winter long.

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