Watch Us Make: Simple Lime Gelatin Salad

It takes just three ingredients to make this classic salad with a tart twist.

We love simple recipes that stand the test of time. This Simple Lime Gelatin Salad certainly lives up to that standard. It’s a classic that’s making a comeback and it needs only 3 ingredients (…seriously!) to make. The steps are simple: Mix up the ingredients, pour into a pretty mold, and let chill into a lovely, tangy dessert. It turns out light and creamy in texture, perfect for dressing up brunches, potlucks and family gatherings for years to come.

All you need is some lime gelatin, lime sherbet and whipped topping-we swear, that’s it! Once it’s poured into a ring mold, you can let it chill until party time. It’s the ultimate make-ahead salad that looks super impressive on your potluck spread. Best of all, you can customize to your heart’s content. Try orange gelatin with orange sherbet or raspberry gelatin and raspberry sherbet with fresh raspberries mixed in. With a recipe this simple, the possibilities are endless!

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