Watch Us Make: S’mores Stuffed French Toast

Enjoy this campfire classic for breakfast. Our quick video for stuffed french toast shows how it's done.

Don’t you just love when it’s perfectly acceptable have dessert for breakfast? This S’mores Stuffed French Toast recipe gives you all the chocolaty, marshmallow-y, graham cracker-y goodness you love from your favorite campfire snack and brings it to your breakfast table.

Diana Palmer of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, came up with the recipe in a pure moment of genius. “I had a craving for something sweet one morning, but all I had around the house were a few ingredients,” she says. “I had to get creative, and this was the delicious outcome. Now I make it all the time!”

This decadent breakfast is perfect for special-celebration mornings, but it comes together in just 20 minutes-so it’s perfect for any old morning, too! We love the clever use of crushed graham crackers as the coating for each slice of bread. Add the chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in between and you’ve got gooey, toasty goodness without the campfire! Drizzle on some chocolate to send it over the top, or mix up a homemade syrup to make this recipe your own.