Watch Us Make: Strawberry Trifle

Our quick video shows you the simple steps to making a lovely layered dessert starring summer's favorite berry.

When strawberry season kicks into gear, I just can’t get enough of their juicy sweetness. In fact, I’ll gladly buy them by the pintful. Strawberries are one of the best things about early summer, and this amazing Strawberry Trifle makes this time of year even better. The dessert is so simple, so light, so filled with big strawberry flavor I absolutely crave.

The recipe comes from Norma Steiner of Monroe, Wisconsin, and, though the years, it’s picked up a lot of loyal fans. “I won first prize in a dairy recipe contest with this tasty trifle,” she says. “You can double the recipe and make two for large groups.” And trust me, once potluck guests get a taste of its creamy goodness, they’re certainly going to clamor for more!

This sweet trifle is filled with simple ingredients like heavy whipping cream, sour cream, vanilla pudding mix, angel food cake and, of course, lots of fresh strawberries. It only takes 20 minutes to prep, so it’s perfect to whip up before any sunny summer get-together.

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