Watch Us Make: Taco Lasagna

Our quick video shows you an easy way to take two comfort-food classics and turn them into one incredible dinner: Taco Lasagna.

You gotta love a good mash-up meal. When you can combine two favorite foods into one glorious dinner, everybody wins! That’s something that Terri Keena of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, discovered pretty quickly after she came up with her much-loved recipe for Taco Lasagna. “There are never any leftovers when I take this dish to potlucks,” she says.

It’s pretty easy to see why her recipe has some major fans. It takes the layers of homey goodness from lasagna and fills them with all your favorite taco ingredients: spicy beef, diced tomatoes, Mexican cheese, black beans, green peppers and onion. And instead of lasagna noodles, it uses flour tortillas to make the layers. How fun is that? There’s only 20 minutes of prep work and 25 minutes of baking time, so this beefy, cheesy, spiced-up dish is awesome for busy weeknights (or game day, too!). It’s the perfect way to mix up Taco Tuesday, but if you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out our 21 recipes to celebrate Taco Tuesday.