Watch Us Make: Wearing o’ Green Cake

The perfect cake to round out your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

On any ordinary day, the prospect of green cake would sound strange. But on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s practically required eating. As you may have guessed, our Wearing o’ Green Cake is completely decked out in emerald, making it the perfect dessert to serve on the Irish holiday.

It doesn’t take an ounce of luck to make this cake look party-ready. For the recipe, we give white cake mix an upgrade using lime-flavored gelatin. The bright green liquid soaks through the cake’s holes, creating a drizzle-down design that can’t be missed. It’s a simple technique that’s sure to impress friends and family.

We love how this cake combines a light and fluffy texture with the refreshing zing of lime. For the finishing touch, it’s topped off with vanilla whipped topping.

This light-flavored dessert is delicious enjoyed after steamy shepherds pie, hefty helping of corned beef or one of our other classic Irish meals.