We Tried Lekue’s Citrus Sprayer. Here’s How It Worked.

This little green gadget transforms any piece of citrus fruit into a fresh juice spritzer. But does it actually work? We gave it a spin in our own kitchen to find out.

Citrus Sprayer in lemonCitrus Sprayer in lemon

It’s amazing how a little spritz of fresh citrus juice and instantly liven up a dish or drink. (Need proof? Check out our favorite bright and delicious lemon-kissed recipes.) But sometimes a squeeze of juice is a little too much, when all you want is a little smooch of citrusy brightness. That’s where Lekue’s new Citrus Sprayer gadget comes in. This little guy screws directly into the fruit, then sprays the fresh juice right onto your salad, chicken, fish, pork, beverage and beyond.

But is it really that easy? Does the thing actually make sense to use in your kitchen? Taste of Home Culinary Director Sarah Farmer gave it a try in our Test Kitchen to see if it could earn her stamp of approval. She wanted to add a touch of lemony goodness to her salad, so she put the sprayer to work at lunchtime.

“I followed the package instructions and was surprised that it performed great! If I could give one small tip to anyone who’s using the sprayer, I’d say make sure to use room-temperature fruit.” She added that it helps to work up the juices from the fruit before attempting to spray. “I roll the lemons on the countertop with slight pressure,” she says. “That really helps get the lemon juiced up.”

After Sarah dubbed the Citrus Sprayer Test-Kitchen Approved, I wanted to give it a shot in my own kitchen. Work it work as easily for a novice like me? Let’s find out.

At a Glance

The sprayer has a plastic pump-style nozzle on top, attached to a long, hollow filter with holes all over that collect the fruit’s juice and pulls in up to the nozzle. The silicone ring at the top is meant to cover the fruit and prevent juice from squeezing out through the top and getting all over your hands. Plus, a plastic holder allows you to comfortably rest the fruit upright on the counter or table when not in use.

Citrus Sprayer nozzles and standPhoto: Taste of Home

The Test

After watching a little tutorial video on the Lekue website, I went straight to work. I’d picked up a couple lemons and oranges to give two different kind of citrus fruits a try, and decided since it worked so well for Sarah, I’d try spritzing a little lemon juice on my salad, as well.

My lemon was a little larger than average, so I began with the longer sprayer. After slicing off one tip of the lemon, I gently twisted the sprayer down through the center. It was really easy to twist in, and the silicone guard at the top fit nearly perfectly. I squeezed the lemon a little all over to loosen up some of the juice, then got to spraying—or at least I tried to. After a few pumps, I just wasn’t getting any juice from the sprayer. In fact, I just ended up squeezing the lemon too hard and got more juice seeping out the top than from the actual nozzle. After there was more lemon juice on the countertop (and my hands) than on my salad, I got a little disheartened about this sprayer. What a bust, I thought.

Then I decided I’d see if the shorter sprayer would make any difference. I swapped it out, and to my delight, it worked perfectly from the first pump! It turns out it really makes a difference which size sprayer you use in your fruit. I spritzed to my heart’s delight all over my salad, and sat down to a light and lemony lunch.

Lemon with sprayerPhoto: Taste of Home

After giving the lemon a try, I was curious to see how an orange would fair. Lekue recommended spritzing soft drinks and cocktails with fruit juice to amp up its flavor, so I grabbed a can of apricot sparkling water with the intention of bumping up the flavor with a twist of orange. I opted to try out the larger sprayer first to see if it’d work a little better on this larger fruit, and after screwing it into the orange and working up a little juice, it worked from the first pump! I made about 10 spritzes into my sparkling water, finished with an orange wedge, and had a bright and naturally flavored drink within seconds.

Sprayer with orangePhoto: Taste of Home

The Verdict

It was pretty fun to spritz directly from the fruit itself, and I found the little disc-shaped holder really handy for resting the fruit between spritzes. It’s a really fun, easy way to boost flavor for salads and drinks, and I could see how it would work nicely with fish or chicken, too (I’m curious to try it with this Pistachio Baked Salmon and these Lime Chicken Tacos). You just have to realize the shorter sprayer works best with lemons and limes, while the larger should be saved for large oranges and grapefruits.

Is it a necessary kitchen tool? Not really, but it’s easy to use, fun to try, and simple to clean. Plus, its small size means this is one kitchen gadget that won’t hog up a ton of space in your kitchen—always a welcome bonus. If you’re someone who regularly enjoys pumping up their meals with a citrusy boost, I’d say you’ll enjoy having this little sprayer in your kitchen arsenal.

If you’re interested in getting one of your own, give it a try with these fresh citrus recipes. And if you’re looking to collect even more juice out from your citrus fruits, check out my review of JarWare’s Mason Jar Juicer.

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