We Tried the New Firework Oreo Flavor, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Oreo launched a new flavor that tastes like a firework. We were brave enough to try it.

A brand new package of firework oreos beside a glass of milk

Oreo recently rolled out a new flavor for summer-the Firework Oreo. Their claim: It’ll deliver a poppy, firework-like burst in your mouth. How so? The cookies are chock-full of popping candy. (Yep, like the Pop Rocks you ate as a kid!) As a connoisseur of cookies-store-bought and homemade-I had to try it. I ran out to the store and bought a package. Here’s what you need to know:

At First Glance

The packaging ain’t subtle. Cheerfully red, white and blue, these bags were made with celebrating in mind. With Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties just around the corner, these treats could be a major hit at sundae bars or on cookie trays.

Peeling back the wrapping, I was actually nervous to take the first bite. Might the popping filling cause a Diet-Coke-and-Mentos-style combustion? Would it ruin a perfectly good Oreo?

The Chomp Test

To begin my analysis, I took a bite. With the expectation of a firework-style explosion in my mouth, I was actually a bit let down. It felt and tasted like a normal Oreo (which, don’t get me wrong, I adore), but with sand-like crunchy bits in the filling. I chewed slowly, searching for flavor. Gradually the candy began to dance in my mouth. It wasn’t much more than a slight tingle, but it gave me a nice little surprise.

Conclusion: Don’t snarf down the cookie too quickly or you’ll miss out on all that fun poppin’.

Firework oreo being dunked repeatedly into a glass of milk

The Dunk Test

Next, I decided to bring in Oreo’s favorite sidekick, a glass of cold milk. After all, this is a cookie that’s made for dunking. I thought the milk might get bubbly or turn reddish blue. Nope! It dunked in the usual way. (I did notice that the candies popped more quickly post-dip.)

Conclusion: It’s safe to dunk.

Firework oreo split in half and held before the camera

The Split Test

For the final test, I practiced my favorite method of eating Oreos: twisting the cookies apart and eating the filling first. I prefer a clean break between cookie and cream, and the Firework Oreo delivered. The filling was a looker, speckled with tiny red and blue flecks. Eating the filling by itself was a whole new experience. The candy started jumping around on my tongue instantly. At last! The pure firework experience.

Conclusion: Eating the filling first guarantees a popping candy explosion. Also, I’ve eaten too many cookies.

The Final Verdict

Firework Oreos are a go, at least as a novelty. As a summer holiday hostess, I’ll definitely break these cookies out for my friends and family to try. (I already know the kids will go crazy for them.) Because of the unusual texture of the cream filling, however, I recommend sticking to classic Oreos when it comes to our favorite cookies and cream recipes.

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