We Tried Thomas’ S’mores English Muffins. Here’s What You Should Know.

Will these s'mores-flavored English muffins become your new campfire favorite? Read on to find out.

Two S'more's english muffins on a blue plate in front of the Thomas' packaging they came from

Nothing says summer quite like s’mores. Flame-roasted marshmallows, melted chocolate and crunchy graham crackers spark a flavor combination that can’t be beat. (Don’t believe me? Check out these s’mores-inspired recipes.) But what happens when you try to stuff all that campfire flavor inside a simple breakfast bread? Thomas’ S’mores English Muffins.

That’s right. The English-muffin tycoon released a limited-edition flavor that promises to taste exactly like s’mores-chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker and all. No campfire necessary. I asked myself, Will these sweet treats change the way I do breakfast? Or will they ruin eggs Benedict forever? I grabbed a package to find out. Here’s what you need to know.

At First Glance

Shuffling the bread out of its packaging, I held one up for closer inspection. From the outside it looked similar to your standard-variety English muffin, but a bit darker in color. I assume this is from the cocoa powder listed on the package. And yes, those pesky crumbs-called farina-were present and scattered across my countertop.

Prying the muffin apart, I was pleasantly surprised. White flecks of marshmallow were hiding inside the nooks and crannies. Though there weren’t giant swirls of mallow fluff or huge chunks of chocolate, I was happy to see some visible flavor cues.

Takeaway: From the looks of it, this muffin might deliver that campfire flavor. P.S. Those farina crumbs are a pain to clean up!

First Taste: Plain

Eager to get a taste, I took the first bite. Now, before I cue the Sandlot movie quote describing what a perfect s’more should be like, it’s important to remember that this is an English muffin. So I set my expectations low.

I could tell that it had a faint s’mores flavor, albeit artificial. It was slightly sweet with a mild marshmallow flavor. But hey-s’mores aren’t supposed to be eaten uncooked.

Takeaway: It was good, not great. And there was no sign of chocolate or graham cracker flavor.

Two S'more's english muffins, cut in half and covered in butter on a blue plate in front of the Thomas' packaging they came from

Next Taste: Toasted

Part of what makes the s’mores a campfire favorite is that they are cooked over an open flame. In the comfort of my tiny apartment, a toaster would have to do. Thinking that a little heat might make those classic s’mores flavors emerge, I sent my next English muffin into the toaster.

I was wrong. Once toasted, the s’mores English muffin tasted exactly like a plain English muffin. It wasn’t sweet or chocolaty or marshmallow-y at all. I tried again, giving it a little more time in the toaster. One slightly charred English muffin later, there was still no s’mores flavor. So I slathered some butter on it and called it a day.

Takeaway: Typically, heat brings more flavor, but in this case it took flavor away. That’s not all bad news-it looks as if I can use these s’mores English muffins in my eggs Benedict after all.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a treat that’ll transport you to a night around a campfire, I’d give Thomas’ S’mores English Muffins a pass. Instead, stick to a plain English muffin, then add Nutella and marshmallow creme. Voilà-a pick-me-up that’ll cure any bout of cabin fever. Better yet, head outside, light the fire pit and indulge in any of our favorite camping recipes.

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