This Is What Ina Garten Makes for Christmas Dinner

The brilliant Ina Garten—aka the Barefoot Contessa—has a classic holiday meal that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The holidays are a time to be together and enjoy the best holiday meals—but that doesn’t mean they have to be complicated! Thankfully, Ina Garten, the best-selling cookbook author and Food Network star, understands.

The Barefoot Contessa not only has the most helpful cooking tips, but she has also shared her tried-and-true holiday meal that’s both delicious and easy to make. No wonder she’s everyone’s favorite (us included!).

This Is Ina Garten’s Go-To Christmas Dinner

Ina’s holiday meal starts off with roast filet of beef, a simple dish that takes minutes to prepare before cooking in the oven. Here’s a similar recipe. She pairs that with a Gorgonzola sauce that only requires four ingredients.

Ina serves the entree with roasted cherry tomatoes, an easy side that roasts while the beef rests, meaning you only need one oven! Here’s how to perfectly roast tomatoes. She also serves Parmesan smashed potatoes (like these), which are cooked on the stovetop.

How to Have a Holiday Like the Barefoot Contessa

The key takeaway from Ina’s holiday menu? Keep it simple! Everyday cooks can absolutely put together a holiday meal just like the Barefoot Contessa.

Start by serving an entree that doesn’t take much preparation, like this elegant tenderloin roast or a classic baked ham. Or give this beef tenderloin and roasted vegetables recipe a try—it’s a two-in-one entree that will save you time.

Ina also expertly selected sides that didn’t interfere with the cooking of the entree. Buttery mashed potatoes would be perfect. These dishes, as well as this quick green beans and bacon recipe, are all cooked on the stovetop so you can assemble them while your entree roasts.

Taking advantage of your slow cooker frees up your oven as well. These slow-cooked green beans or applesauce sweet potatoes are easy to put together hours before the meal.

We’d also recommend whipping up a simple beverage, like a pomegranate ginger spritzer, or an easy dessert, like a delicious peppermint ice cream layered dessert, to serve your guests. Making these ahead of time will help your holiday meal go smoothly—something we bet will earn Ina’s stamp of approval!

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