9 Things You Should Buy From Brandless, the Online Grocery Store That Sells Everything for $3

This online grocery store is selling all their products for just $3-but don't go on a shopping spree just yet. We'll tell you what's a good deal.

Three brandless product images lined up including a green bag of quinoa puffs, hand soap with a purple label, a yellow back of opened popcorn with kernels spilling out


Online grocery store Brandless has been making headlines across the nation. And for good reason: Everything is $3. That’s right-every product from toothpaste to coffee beans to steak knives is sold for one low price. Thrifty grocery shoppers, this one might be for you. How do they do it? The store opened with a simple business model: eliminate the brand on groceries. You see, the typical grocery store sells products with an added “brand tax.” By eliminating the middleman, Brandless can offer comparable items for up to 40 percent less.

However, this fixed price tag doesn’t always equal savings for the customer. It’s easy to see that basic pantry staples such as hand soap, flour and pasta sauce are actually cheaper (read: less than $3) when purchased from the average grocery store. But don’t let this stop you. We compared Brandless products to other generic brands to see which ones were actually worth your money. Here are nine comparison items if you’re thinking about buying online.

Editor’s note: All product prices were gathered at the time this article was written and are subject to change.

1. Blueberry Flax Granola

Blue bag with blueberry flax granola on a wooden table with a cup of blueberries nearby and a bowl of the granola beyond that


Brandless Blueberry Flax Granola, 12 oz: $3

KIND Healthy Grains Clusters Vanilla Blueberry Granola with Flax Seeds, 11 oz: $4.53

2. Steak Knives

Steak knife on a wooden cutting board in front of sliced orange and red peppers


Brandless steak knife: $3

Cutco steak knife: $69

3. Basic Bowls

Two white bowls, one laying flat and the other vertical on a wooden table


Two Brandless 8″ porcelain-rim soup bowls: $3

Two Bed Bath & Beyond 8″ white bowls: $10

4. Acai Berry Lip Balm

Two tubes of acai berry lip balm side-by-side on a white countertop


Two Brandless acai berry lip balm: $3

Two Burt’s Bees acai berry lip balm: $6.56 (or 1 for $3.28)

5. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Blue corn tortilla chips bag opened with chips spread out around it either just out of the bag, in a bowl or dipped into nearby salsa


Brandless organic blue corn tortilla chips, 8 oz.: $1.50 (or 2-pack for $3)

Mission Organics blue corn tortilla chips, 9 oz.: $3

6. Hardcover Notebooks

Two black cover notebooks on top one another next to blue post-its and a pen on a wooden countertop


Brandless hard cover notebook: $3

Moleskine hardcover notebook: $14.95

7. Brown Rice

Beige bag with a clear bottom filled with brown rice. The bag rests on a wooden countertop along with a white plate of cooked rice


Brandless organic long grain brown rice, 32 oz.: $3.00 (or 16 oz. for $1.50)

Lundberg organic long grain brown rice, 32 oz.: $4.26

8. Pancake and Waffle Mix

Yellow bag with pancake clip art decorating it. To the side of the bag on the wooden table is a stack of pancakes topped with a large portion of butter and syrup


Brandless gluten free pancake and waffle mix, 16 oz.: $3.00 (or 8 oz. for $1.50)

King Arthur Flour gluten free pancake mix, 15 oz.: $4.59

9. Silicone Spatulas

Grey, silicone spatula resting horizontally on a glossy countertop beside herbs in small glass containers


Brandless silicone spatula: $3

OXO silicone spatula: $9.79

Nothing tastes as sweet as a good deal! Still looking for money-saving tips? Try these savvy ways to save the next time you eat out.

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