Whole30 Dressings Are Here to Make Healthy Eating Taste Better

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Whole30 dressings are here just in time to save you from bland spring salads and boring summer marinades.

I have a confession to make: I usually eat dry salads. If I do add dressing to my leafy greens, it’s usually just a splash of olive oil and a dash of tangy balsamic vinegar. Kinda boring, I know. But adding processed salad dressings filled with sugar and artificial flavors to an otherwise fresh and healthy pile of arugula and kale just feels (and tastes) wrong!

I thought I was sentenced to a lifetime of plain salads. Until now. Enter: Whole30 dressings. They’re here to make dressings, marinades, dips and drizzles taste a whole lot better without adding sugar or artificial flavors.

What are Whole30 dressings?

Before I explain Whole30 dressings, let me explain Whole30. Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet that emphasizes eating whole and unprocessed foods. Basically, you cut out sugar, dairy, soy and other processed ingredients (ahem, the main ingredients in most bottled salad dressings) to see if your health and energy levels improve. It’s a pretty serious commitment, and I actually tried it myself a few years ago with a fair amount of success.

The biggest challenge of Whole30 is reading labels and finding convenience foods that uphold the diet’s standards. It’s amazing how many prepared foods sneak in soy and sugar. That’s why Melissa Urban, the founder and CEO of Whole30, launched Whole30 dressings this year, to make it easier for people to dress salads, marinade meats and dip veggies without having to study nutritional labels under a microscope. (These are our best Whole30 recipes.)

The Whole30-approved line features five distinct and flavorful dressings, ranging from a creamy ranch to a spicy buffalo vinaigrette. The best part? You don’t have to be on Whole30 to enjoy these dressings! But if you do have a dietary restriction, they are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, soy-free, ketogenic, paleo and Whole30 approved.

The dressings are all made with humane-certified eggs and are free of vegetable gum. Another pro? The dressings don’t separate in the bottle—even when they’re refrigerated. The consistency stays smooth and free of lumps.

What do Whole30 dressings taste like?

Okay, now that we know what’s in (and what isn’t in) Whole30 dressings, the bigger question is: what do Whole30 dressings taste like? Each of the five Whole30 dressings tastes distinctly different. That’s part of the appeal! The line is versatile enough to please any palate and the dressings can be used as dips, marinades, sauces or drizzles.

The House Ranch tastes shockingly…like ranch! It’s slightly less creamy than your typical bottle, but the herbs and mustard seed dial up the flavor. Try it on burgers, dipped in raw veggies or drizzled on air fryer sweet potato fries.

The Buffalo Vinaigrette is my personal favorite. The mild cayenne is spicy enough to kick up homemade hot wings but not so spicy that your kids won’t eat it. Mix it into hummus or crank up the flavor on roasted cauliflower.

Elderberry Vinaigrette is the sweetest dressing in the Whole30 dressing line, but it’s not excessively sweet. Use this flavor powerhouse to punch up sad spinach salads and to brighten blah berries. It’s also a yummy marinade for grilled chicken.

Creamy Balsamic is a go-to. This classic dressing is one of the most versatile in the bunch with just a touch of tang and sweetness. Try it on a hearty grain bowl or drizzled on a veggie wrap. I’ve been eating it on top of pan-roasted chicken and vegetables.

Secret Sauce was inspired by “fry sauce,” which is a popular fast food combination of ketchup and mayo. This creamy version is a hybrid of dipping sauce and a dressing, and likely a favorite with kids. Dip it into chicken nuggets!

Where can you get Whole30 dressings?

Whole30 dressings are available at Thrive Market and Whole30.com. As of press time, some of the dressings are already sold out (customers say they go through an entire bottle in as little as two weeks, so no surprise there) but the brand is restocking.

Whole30 is also launching three new flavors this summer—just in time for farmer’s market and CSA hauls. We’ll keep you updated. No more dry salads!

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