Why Choose Between Wine or Coffee When You Can Have Both?

The ingenious people at Molinari Private Reserve have come up with a way to make wine o'clock, 'round the clock.

Coffee bean in the glassPhoto: Shutterstock / jassada watt_
Photo: Shutterstock / jassada watt_

The vintners at Molinari Private Reserve have just released a new blend of wine-infused coffee. About time, I hear you cry! Even the name makes me want to breathe a sigh of relief. Now you can skip your Mocha Morning Drink and have this wine taste-alike instead.

There will be no more checking our watches, looking over our shoulders, making sure that we have achieved a socially acceptable hour to drink wine. Heck, now we can drink it for breakfast…guilt free! The kids will still get to school. The grown-ups will still get to work. All our responsibilities will still be met with this nonalcoholic blend of wine and coffee—what better way to start your day?

What is this miracle in a cup?

Wine-infused coffee beans are exactly what they sound like: coffee beans soaked in wine. Then they’re roasted to enrich the flavors. As the Molinari website says, the beans carry the history of the wine, absorbing its nose and holding on to the beauty of the Napa Valley. But there’s no alcohol content to be had. Served warm or over ice, it’s all the flavor without the headache. And if you want decaf, they’ve got that, too.

Where can we get some?

A half-pound bag costs less than $20 on the Molinari website. When you think about it in terms of price per cup, that’s probably a lot more affordable than a to-go latte in a cardboard sleeve.

Wine and coffee just might be the new macaroni and cheese or spaghetti and meatballs—kindred spirits that are better together. Awaken your taste buds, your soul and your day to the delights in your coffee cup. What more do you need to put that all-important spring in your step? I don’t know about you, but my brunches just got a whole lot more exciting!

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