This Is Why Slow Cooker Pot Roast Tastes So Good

You can use a Crockpot to turn tough cuts of meat into tender, shreddable roasts. But what makes tough cuts work so well in a slow cooker?

The Instant Pot might be hot right now, but there’s a reason the ol’ slow cooker is one of the most purchased kitchen gadgets of all time. It gives us an easy (and hands-off!) way to put a home cooked meal on the table. There are hundreds of fantastic slow cooker recipes, but slow cooker pot roast is our go-to for something that’s comforting, tasty and impossible to mess up.

When you think of fool-proof slow cooker recipes, chicken breasts might be the first thing that comes to mind—after all, those recipes tend to show up a lot on Pinterest. But using your slow cooker to turn tough cuts of meat into tender, shreddable, melt-in-your-mouth bites is really what it’s all about.

What makes tough cuts work so well in the slow cooker?

Here’s the Pot Roast Secret

As many contributors to this Reddit thread point out, the slow cooker works magic on tough cuts of meat because of all the connective tissue. You see, tender cuts (like chicken breast, pork loin or beef tenderloin) come from rarely worked muscles, so they have little fat and almost no connective tissue. That makes them great for quick cooking methods, but they tend to become tough and chewy when simmered for long periods of time.

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Overworked muscles, on the other hand, have both intramuscular fat and connective tissue. Chuck roast, brisket and pork shoulder would taste awful if you cooked them like a steak, but try cooking them low and slow in a Dutch oven or slow cooker and they turn into something completely magical! The collagen-rich connective tissue slowly melts into the meat, releasing gelatin as it goes. That keeps your meat juicy while it breaks down and gives everything a super-rich mouthfeel.

That’s why slow cooker pot roast is so hard to beat. Give our slow cooker Mississippi pot roast a try and tell us we’re wrong! Dump all the ingredients into the crock and, eight hours later, you’ll have a fall-apart roast complete with its own savory gravy. It doesn’t get any easier (or more delicious) than that.

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