Why You Should Start Your Day with a Glass of Lemon Water

Pour yourself a glass of citrus-spiked water each morning to do your body good. Here's why.

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A typical weekday morning for you goes something like this: Wake up—you know, after hitting snooze a couple of times—drag yourself out of bed and go straight to the coffeemaker. You rely on that daily cup of joe as your morning pick-me-up. But there might be an even better beverage to sip before breakfast: lemon water. Here’s why you should consider swapping your coffee for citrus, or at least adding it to your a.m. routine.

It’ll help hydrate you.

When you wake up in the morning, you have gone hours without drinking, so your body needs to be hydrated even if you don’t necessarily feel thirsty. While a boring old cup of plain water does the same job, replenishing your cells and keeping everything running smoothly, adding some lemon makes the experience a little more enjoyable and refreshing. One 8-ounce glass down, seven to go.

You’ll have clearer skin.

Lemon contains Vitamin C, which is known to increase the amount of collagen your body produces. That means that your glass of lemon water can help prevent wrinkles and increase your skin’s elasticity, keeping it looking young. Plus, it will flush out toxins that could be causing breakouts and other skin problems.

The jury is still out on even more potential benefits.

Studies are inconclusive, but drinking lemon water may help with digestion and—gulp—constipation. Pro tip: It’s even more effective if you drink it warm.

If you still aren’t convinced that lemon water is the new coffee, consider these extra benefits: It can speed up weight loss, make you feel more alert and boost your immune system. That’s more than enough reason for us to fill up our glasses and get to chugging.

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